Unvented Systems in Sittingbourne Kent

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Take Control of Your Water

Today we use more hot water than ever before. With our homes having more
showers, baths and basins, hot water is both a necessity and a pleasure. But with the demands of rising energy prices and environmental issues, we need to strike a balance - a balance that gives us performance and reliability along with economy and responsibility.

Of course, you're always in control with the tap. But isn't it nice to know you can have your bath filled faster and command more power in your shower? If you're installing a new bathroom or kitchen, you don't want to be let down by your hot water. Unvented cylinders ensure you get equally high pressure in every room. Upstairs, downstairs, roof space or basement, Unvented Cylinders give you total flexibility of location, often freeing up valuable roof space. The system is quieter too, as there's no noisy cistern in the loft and no standing water open to contamination. Hygienic, mains-fed hot water flows straight to your shower and out of your taps.

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Find out what's best for you?

'Buy in haste, repent at leisure.' Ever been there? It's not nice. Unfortunately,
it's also a painful reality for many people after they've been rushed into
making a snap decision by a plumbing emergency or an impatient installer.
Surely it's better to take a little time to make an informed decision?

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The G3 regulations have been devised as the method to ensure that products which store in excess of 15 litres of hot water are equipped with safety devices capable of preventing the water from exceeding 100 Celcius. In the past it has been permitted for the installer to fit the various safety devices at the point of installation and have the installation checked by building control. This has now been restricted to exclude the temperature and pressure relief valve which must be factory fitted.

It is no longer possible to comply with the regulations using a kit of parts and a Building Control inspection.Unvented storage products over 15 litres must include the factory fitted temperature and pressure relief valve to be legally installed.